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Who am I?

I’m an Online Business & Energy Alignment Coach and I help overwhelmed service-based entrepreneurs who are on the verge of burnout to scale with ease by aligning them with the right strategy, energy and systems so that they can create the impact and income they desire.

I do this by:

Healing those tired old strategies that aren’t working and aren’t aligned with you

Healing the overwhelm, the overworking and the sheer exhaustion of running an online business by creating a strategy that works for you.

Healing all of the tech troubles that are frustrating the hell out of you.

Healing what’s standing in your way with energy work to clear blocks and step you back into alignment. 

Here’s why I’m different…

I’ve got 14 years of digital marketing experience.

I’m a tech expert and know how to cut through the confusion and give you a tech solution that’s going to save you time, energy and heartache.

I’m a certified online business coach and am trained to deliver you the right aligned business strategy. 

If you are getting in your own way I have a bespoke energy clearing system that is unlike anything else out there that gets to the bottom of the exact thing that’s standing in your way. 

I combine Strategy + Energy + Systems to align you to the next level.